Using Qualicoder in an organisation

QualiCoder accounts are free, and users choose how much they pay for each project they do. However, for organisations this structure may be inconvenient: it may be easier when central billing, with a fixed price per project, is possible. In addition, organisations may want control over the projects done by their employees. This is possible with an Organisation Admin account. An Organisation Admin account costs € 200,- per year. Organisation Admin accounts enable complete control over the costs, using a Credit system. Organisation Admins get one credit per year, and can buy additional credits. The price of a Project Credit depends on how many are bought simultaneously, using a formula where cost = 100 / X0.3 (see the table for prices for common quantities). Project Credits do not expire.

Nr of credits purchased Costs per Project Credit (ex. VAT) Total costs
1 € 100.00 € 100.00
5 € 61.70 € 308.50
10 € 50.12 € 501.20
15 € 44.38 € 665.70
20 € 40.71 € 814.20
25 € 38.07 € 951.75
50 € 30.92 € 1546.00
75 € 27.38 € 2053.50
100 € 25.12 € 2512.00

In addition, Organisation Admin accounts enable additional functionality:

  • An overview page showing all projects started with Project Credits of the organisation;
  • The ability to manage the roles within a project, so that access can be regained to abandoned projects (for example after a researcher switched to a different university);
  • Projects started with a Project Credit can designate Transcribers: a role that only has access to his/her own sources and case-coding;
  • The ability to release the project from the organisation, thereby transferring ownership to an individual account;