What is Qualicoder?

Qualicoder is an online system for qualitative analyses that is accessible for everybody and makes it easy to collaborate and publish your projects.

Creating a Qualicoder account is free. Every time you start a new project, you decide how much you want to pay us. From now on, qualitative analyses are accessible to everybody, even researchers with very limited resources. Once you created a project, it will remain safely on our secure servers, for free, until you delete it.

We developed Qualicoder for three reasons:
1) We think that tools for qualitative analysis should be accessible for everybody, regardless of their budget;
2) We think that it should be easy to collaborate with people who live elsewhere;
3) We think that it should be easy to publish (parts of) your analyses and your data.

In addition, we also implemented a number of other improvements to optimize the coding experience. Qualicoder was developed for coding transcribed interviews: audio, video, or rich markup are not supported. This focus enabled us to take these improvements quite far. Below, we list a number of QualiCoder features.

Selection of QualiCoder features

  • To code a fragment, just click a code or use autosuggest;
  • Build the coding structure in advance or on the go;
  • Designate ‘blind coders’ that each create their own coding structure;
  • Designate coders that are constrained to using a specified coding structure;
  • Designate reviewers, who can see everything but change nothing;
  • Designate transcribers who can only add and edit their own sources (when in an organisation)
  • Store all data securely on our servers;
  • Publish the coding structure and/or coded fragments and/or complete sources

For more information on how to use QualiCoder, please see the tutorial.

QualCoder is being developed by Greater Goods. If you would like to contact us, please use this form.